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Once you have your nice clean new website it needs to live somewhere on the internet, this is called hosting.

At done4youweb we can help, we can source your domain name, that’s the name of your website, and then host it, that’s the space on a server where your site lives for others on the internet to view it.

It’s simple, if you want it done4you and it goes on the web then give us a try, we can help.

What does it cost? Well that depends on the type of name that you go for as there are different costs for .com or or .fr websites and the cost to host it depends on the volume of traffic just like it costs more to build a motorway than a small local road.

If you want a website for your interests in France we can help with that too with a .fr domain like so that your customers in France will know that’s where you are based

Don’t worry if websites and IT terminology are all gobbledygook to you, just get it done4you.